Suppliant Women

Mary is working as Vocal Coach for the Actors Touring Company on their production of Aeschylus' The Suppliant Women. The production runs at the Young Vic in London from 13 to 25 November.

The Actors Touring Company described the rehearsal process in their recent newsletter:

"Acclaimed vocal coach Mary King - you'll have seen her as an impassioned commentator at Cardiff Singer of the World, or heard her on Radios 3 and 4 - has been working with composer John Browne, choreographer Sasha Milavic Davies and our 60-strong cast drawn from the local community in Lambeth and Southwark to make the London premiere of The Suppliant Women. The company have been working with our co-producers the Young Vic twice a week since September and now, we're hugely excited to bring the fruits of all their hard work and commitment to the Young Vic stage.'

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